Congratulations to our new authors!

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Congratulations to our new authors!

This year’s submissions for An Honest Lie, Volume 3: Justifiable Hypocrisy were an exciting mix of creatve, unique, and quirky stories.  We absolutely loved all of them and regretted that our allowance of space would only permit publishing a small percentage. The authors chosen for this volume were equally interesting, and we know they will please our readers as well.  In addition to our returning authors, we have ten new authors whom we would like to introduce to you now.

From Westmoreland, Tennessee, meet Helen Chapman!

Helen boldly brings us a story straight from the courtroom of real justice. You’ll quickly applaud the double-edged karma in this story!

 From Los Angeles, California, meet Yance Wyatt 

Yance skillfully weaves us a tender story about childhood loss. You’ll be touched by the wisdoms learned in this story!

From Toledo, Ohio, meet Stephanie M. Lorée

Stephanie’s unique and visionary work tells a creative story about fore-ordained love, and fore-ordaind lives. You’ll quickly agree that this story is unlike any other!

From Orland, California, meet Donna Hole!

Donna’s story brings us a new twist on werewolves that you won’t see coming. This story might make you sad, it might make you glad, and it might make you think that it’s rad!

From Farmington, Michigan, meet Dorene O’Brien!

Dorene brings her unique vision to us in her story about the lengths that love will take us to in order to make the right impression. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with this story!

From South Williamson, Kentucky, meet Ruth Webb!

Ruth brings us a touch of humor and irony, balanced with charcter and reality in a story about an extreme hobby. This is one convention you’ll want to attend!

From Carrollton, Texas, meet Bill McCurry!

Bill brings us a timeless, yet refreshingly new Christmas story about a department store Santa who is given a lesson in humility.  This is one Santa story you don’t want to miss!

From Chattanooga, Tennessee, meet Gregory Kheun!

Gregory brings us a controversial story about the dreadful realities of terminal illness. This story will bring you tears, and at the same time, anger and anguish!

From Staatsburg, New York, meet Joshua Mark!

Joshua brings us a wily and delightfully intriguing story about ultimate deception. You’ll be praising this story for some time to come!

From Flushing, Michigan, meet Sally York!

Sally brings us a good-samaritan story with a refreshingly wicked twist. This story will keep you guessing at who the real victim is right up to the very end!

Please join us in sending huge congratulations to all these wonderful authors!

  1. Wheeehaa! Congrats to all my fellow contributing authors. I’m seriously excited.

    Thanks you AHL 🙂

  2. […] A couple of weeks ago the good folks at Open Heart Publishing called and told me they’ve accepted my story for their upcoming anthology. The anthology is An Honest Lie, Volume 3: Justifiable Hypocrisy. I was thrilled to be accepted, but that thrill doubled when this evening I saw that Open Heart has officially announced the new authors for their volume. There’s something about seeing it spelled out in words. I don’t yet know the exact publication date, but I’m anxious to find out. The announcement is at: […]

  3. Congratulations to all. What a thrill.

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